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Good evening! Or good morning depending on where you live. The time has come (really it is way past due) to do another recommendation posts. I had planned to do this post much earlier in the year, but I suppose my laziness has perfect timing. Now that fall has officially started and October is right around the corner, we can recommend our favorite supernatural and horror series and stand-alones. Joining me in this post is the lovely Adenike. I met her a few years ago via Mydramalist.com. She has a blog of her own, so please give it a look! Still Waters


Ade’s Picks



Duration: 24 episodes

Although I might say I don’t believe in superstitions and such, but once someone says something related to it my ears perk up and for the next 2-3 days I’ll still have that superstition stuck in my head. Back to xxxHOLiC, each episode addresses different issues and of course with the same cast. This anime addresses really little things, how there are consequences for every little action or word we do or say intentionally or not. You don’t have to commit a huge crime, just little stuffs – telling white lies, feeling insecure, addiction (not to drugs), breaking promises unknowingly and so on.

I for one really loved it, although I got scared at some point lol!!! But that is actually beside the point, it just gives insights into possible spiritual or even physical consequences that might or can arise due to our actions and words. Additionally, you might want to check out the sequels also.

Angel Beats


Duration: 13 episodes

This is a freaking solid anime, although it’s just 13 episodes long, it has everything you will need – action, good art, thought provoking storylines and plot (in a good way), mystery, comedy, drama, and school. If you want to take a break from the normal school animes or if you want a reminder on the meaning of life (or your own life) I highly recommend this anime.

After I was done, I actually had to take out time to think of what would happen if I actually died right there and then, would I regret it? Would I be happy? Or would some unknown situation hold me back from going to my final resting place? I also want to advise you to get a box of tissue ready, you might need it.

I LOVE the songs that were sung, I have a couple of them 😀

Sleepninja’s Picks



Duration: 22 Episodes

The small population of a quiet little town gets even smaller as residents disappear and some are found dead. All of this happens right after an odd family that only appears at night moves into the mansion up the mountain.

When I started this series, I was expecting a typical vampire story based on the synopsis. After the first episode, I realized that this series takes the elements that I love from classic vampire tales as well as elements of Japanese folk lore. Together they are combined to make something nostalgic and unique at the same time.  

There are some parts of the series towards the end that could have used some improvement, but overall I really enjoyed the plot. There were  a couple of twists that were interesting and unexpected. It’s dark and atmospheric rather than a jump scare fest like most modern horror.  And the eyes, my goodness the eyes were probably the most unnerving of all. I really enjoyed the high quality of the animation and music! 🙂

Petshop of Horrors


Duration: 4 Episodes

First of all, this anime is based on one of my favorite manga series. I love this series so much! This is about a small shop in Chinatown run by the charismatic, mysterious, and absolutely fabulous Count D. This shop sells “pets”. To the average human, these are your average everyday critters. However, there is more than meets the eye. These sometimes human seeming, or looking, creatures are not the innocent pets their owners were expecting.  A detective frequents the shop in an efforts to find the reasons behind numerous deaths of customers of this pet shop. He suspects that Count D may be the cause and is quite grumpy with his foiled attempts to investigate.

As I mentioned above, I absolutely love the manga series that this is based off of. The anime takes four different storylines that are directly from the manga and faithfully recreates them. I was a little sad that this was an OVA rather than a full series, but I really appreciated all of the effort that was put into the production of it. The art is gorgeous and stays so true to the manga artist’s style! The animators were able to maintain the dark, creepy and mysterious themes that are such an important part of the series while maintaining the bits of humor as well. I recommend viewing this as a preview or teaser for the series! It gives you a tastes of what it is all about. 🙂


Ade’s Pick

Raak Boon

raak boon

Country: Thailand

Duration: 11 episodes

I’m not actually a fan of ghost-theme shows (I’ve had my fair share of watching a lot of them), BUT Raak Boon isn’t scary at all, of course you will see some number of ghosts, but nothing that will really give you sleepless nights. Apart from the ghost stories, you also have the Nang rai; those obsessive female characters in Lakorn, and there’s business and family issues.

In case you’re wondering who the main leads are – Mike Pirath Nitipaisankul (Full House) and Margie Rasri Balenciaga (Mon Jun Tra and Roy Marn)

The story was kept short and interesting as the lead female character investigates a new case in each episode. Although there is a sequel, but the first part was rounded off nicely. Oh I almost forgot the romance, a very very sweet romance hehehe

Sleepninja’s Picks

Ghost Friends


Country: Japan

Duration: 10 Episodes

I usually try to stick to the darker side of horror and supernatural when I make recommendations to people, but I could not pass this one up. I really enjoyed this lighter side of the genre. Here’s the gist of the plot: After a tragic traffic accident that took the lives of her best friends (This isn’t a sad drama, I promise!), Asuka suddenly finds herself able to see ghosts. In fact, the spirits of her best friends are following her around as if being dead is no big deal! Anywho, Asuka’s ability to see ghosts leads to her being bombarded with the last wishes of ghosts that they need to fulfill in order to move on. On top of all of this, she meet a mysterious guy that is also aware of the ghosts and helps her out.

As I am sure you have noticed, this drama has some very familiar themes. In my opinion, this is not always a bad thing! In fact, I always love seeing different ways of approaching a familiar plot or theme. This dramas manages to stay humorous and light-hearted. When it comes to the fusion of comedy and horror, there is a fine line that separates it from being super cheesy and hokey or a solid plot with good acting. This drama manages to successfully blend the two and it kept me entertained. I found the soundtrack to be quite charming and really added to the drama as a whole. I would definitely recommend this if you want to watch something horror/supernatural that is a light watch.



Country: South Korea

Duration: 5 Episodes

The skinny on Coma: This is the story of an old, decrepit hospital that has been forced to close their doors. In fact, there is only one remaining patient in a coma. There is some dark secret surrounding the hospital that everyone is trying to keep quiet.

This drama really impressed me. The production value was top notch. The plot was solid and engaging and the acting was the best I have seen in a Korean horror drama. This horror drama had what most others lack. Atmosphere. For me, atmosphere is a crucial element to horror. If you are aiming to create a dark and disturbing series, you have got to make the audience feel disturbed and scared. This was set in an old hospital that has been condemned after falling into a financial hole. The sets used to portray this were on point. For a series that has only five episodes, they accomplished much more and provided a complete story as opposed to a lot of twenty-episode dramas that get lost in endless filler. For sure this is the drama for you if you are looking for something to marathon for the month of October. 😀

Toshi Densetsu no Onna


Country: Japan

Duration: 9 Episodes

This is the story of a woman that once had an encounter with what is considered to be an urban legend/myth. Ever since, she has made it her goal to prove that urban legends are real! She joins a group of detectives to solve cases that are linked to urban legends. She also has a disturbing habit of knowing the precise moment when a phone is going to ring.

So here is another less serious supernatural drama. There is a healthy amount of comedy to pull together this fusion of detective drama and supernatural themes. Detective/investigative dramas have been the top themes in Japan for the past few years. I appreciated this deviation from the norm by adding in urban legends and myths. The acting is well done and I laughed quite a bit! If you find yourself enjoying this and want more, they made a second season!


Ade’s Picks

Spellbound a.k.a Chilling Romance


Country: South Korea

A sweet rom-com between a lady (Son Ye Jin) who has the ability to see ghosts and a street magician (Lee Min Hee). I was scared to watch it at first, but when I did I was truly glad. It’s really funny, albeit you might let out a shriek or two LOL!! Lee Min Hee and Son Ye Jin did a good job at portraying their characters.

The Fortune Tellers a.k.a Ghost Sweepers


Country: South Korea

The movies starts by highlighting each of the cast and what they are capable of doing, these ranges from fortune tellers to using tracking devices (technology) to track the signals of ghosts to exorcists. The first main scene is just triple hilarious!!! All these people/shamans convened in a village to perform an exorcism, but then things went south, and only few of them remained at the end of the exorcism.

Sleepninja’s Picks



Country: Japan

Alright alright alright alight alright! This is always my go-to title when recommending Jhorror. I am obsessed with new and quirky concepts for horror movies. It may come as no surprise to most of you that Japan has a plethora of quirky horror movies. I almost think it is the motto of their movie industry to make a horror movie out of anything and everything. 😀

So what is Uzumaki about? Well I am glad you asked! Without ruining the fun of seeing it for yourself, I will give you the gist of it. Evil spirals that take over a town. No, you did not read that wrong. Spirals! They are everywhere! They are even inside you! They will wreck your s%&$.

I adore this movie. I have seen it too many times to keep track of. More than ten and less than fifty. There, that’s my guesstimate. Each time I watch it is more fun than the last. There are new little details in the set and even with the extras that you notice with each watch. After you watch this drama, you will see spirals everywhere. You may become as obsessed with them as the characters. The friend that introduced this film to me when I was in high school was so smitten with it that her room became consumed by spirals. Every time she found something with a spiral, it came home with her and stayed in her room. ^^ Ooh! Important detail: This movie is based on a horror manga by Junji Ito. See if you can spot his “cameo”.



Country: Japan

Here we have another story of a hospital that is down on its luck. The staff of this hospital have a secret to hide. They desperately try to cover up the death of a patient due to malpractice. During this crisis, another patient is admitted into the hospital that is suffering from a mysterious illness. After he escapes his room, all of the staff slowly start to exhibit the same symptoms.

This is another gem that I discovered way back in high school. I cannot tell you how many times I have rewatched it! Yet another prime example of great atmosphere and solid acting that pulls you into the story. A lot of this movie is up to the interpretation of the viewer, so it really adds to the eeriness. Again, there is a lot of detail that may escape the viewer in the first watch. Pay attention to color themes. 😉


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