Dramatards 2015 Triathlon: Final Update!!!

The end of the year is upon us! Which means, it is time to tally up our final scores for our triathlon! 2015 was quite a year. I almost didn’t finish in time and had to scramble to finish up a bunch of anime. haha

Anywho! Let’s get to the final results!


43/20 Dramas

39/25 Movies

Anime: 5/0


2/5 Anime

3/10 Dramas

5/60 Movies


30/30 Anime

30/30 Dramas

64/40 Movies

So from what I have gathered, I underestimated what I could complete in time for dramas and movies and overestimated my anime challenge. I think I will make some adjustments for next year!

So how did everyone else do? Please share your results in the comments below or on our Facebook page! And I would like to wish everyone that has already reached 2016 a Happy New Year! Happy New Years Eve for everyone else!


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Sleepninja is the Co-Admin of The Dramatards: https://ddramatards.wordpress.com

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  1. Same here, I overestimated my passion for anime lol!! I’ll be lowering the bar for 2016.

    Stats –
    Animes 30/30
    Dramas 42/30
    Movies 145/40

    Looking forward to 2016’s challenge 😀

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