Dramatards 2016 Triathlon:The Reckoning

New year, new challenge! This year’s triathlon will have a lot of old with a little something new. If you are new to our blog’s challenge, check out our first triathlon post (clicky) to go over the “rules”.

Now for the new stuff. In addition to our Anime, Dramas, and Movies categories, we will have an additional category. This category is for Bonus Laps. If you feel like adding more of a challenge or you want something else to work on should you get way ahead, this is the category for you. What will you complete for your bonus laps? Manga! You have the choice of deciding if you want to count them by series or by volume. I personally will be counting by volumes. ^^

As with the other categories, you do not have to limit yourself to just the continent of Asia. Should you find you need to switch things up, you may use sources from countries around the world. 🙂

Alrighty, time to announce the Dramatards’ challenges:


0/40 Dramas

0/30 Movies


0/20 Dramas

0/50 Movies


0/20 Manga

0/20 Anime

0/50 Dramas

0/50 Movies

Please leave a comment with your challenges or post them to our Facebook! Good luck everyone!


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  1. 0/10 Manga volumes

    0/5 Anime

    0/50 Dramas

    0/30 Movies

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