Dramatards 2016 Triathlon: Final Update!!!

Hello! I hope everyone had/ are having a Happy Holiday! It’s that time of year again where we tally up our final scores. There’s still a few more days if you are still finishing up!


Anime: 8/0
Dramas: 74/40
Movies: 36/30


Manga: 0/10
Anime: 0/5
Dramas: 43/70
Movies: 43/100


Manga: 28/20
Anime: 20/20
Dramas: 54/50
Movies: 41/50

So this year wasn’t as successful as the pervious. You would think movies would be the easiest to cross off, but this sleepy ninja just couldn’t do it. >.< Oh well, there is always next year. P;ease let us know how your challenge is going in the comments below! Stay tuned for next year’s challenge!


About sleepninja

Sleepninja is the Co-Admin of The Dramatards: https://ddramatards.wordpress.com

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  1. For me it was a bad year ;(

    0/10 Manga volumes

    0/5 Anime

    33/50 Dramas

    8/30 Movies

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