Dramatards Challenge 2017: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Oh haaaaay! We back! Looks like we survived the switch over from ’16 to ’17. So…how’s it gooooin? You ready for a new challenge? Nothing different category-wise this year. I think we’ve reached capacity for that aspect. So let’s just have fun. haha


Not Yet Determined


Dramas: /60
Movies: 0/35


Manga: 0/75
Anime: 0/10
Dramas: /100
Movies: 0/25

Well, as you can see that ninja never learns and always aims high. Crazy4You is a bit more ambitious this year too! Please tell us your challenges in the comments below. I’m thinking this year we can make special announcements for readers that complete their challenges!

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  1. I hope this year will be better for me šŸ˜‰

    Movies – 12/50

    Animes – 0/10

    Dramas – 1/50 :
    K-drama – 1/20
    J-drama – 0/15
    Ch-drama – 0/5
    Tw – drama – 0/5
    Lakorn – 0/5

    Manga – 0/5

  2. Yaay!!! I decided to spice things up for myself XDD

    Movies – 1/50
    Animes – 0/10
    K-drama – 0/15
    J-drama – 0/15
    CH-drama – 0/10
    TW-drama – 0/5
    Lakorn – 1/25

    • oooh Which lakorn did you just watch?

      • Nah, not recommendable lol!! I rather recommend another 2 I’m currently watching; Jao Sao Chapor Kit – starring Film Rattapoom and Amy Amika (from Sao Chai Hi Tech), and Pit Sawat – starring Pong Nawat and Noon Woranuch (from Rahut Rissaya)

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