It’s Been Awhile…

Hi guys! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve made a post on this blog. So what’s been keeping me away? To be honest, I haven’t been that motivated to watch Asian dramas in a long time. Life’s been keeping me busy, and my interest for these shows has gone away (for now!). But I still watch many dramas, and many movies.

Sleepninja and I have been talking, and we think it’d be cool to throw out some ideas to revive our blog. We miss connecting with our crowds!

For starters, we’ve decided to branch out on our topics. While before we were strictly a blog for Asian dramas, we’ve decided to make it a well-rounded blog and branch out to American dramas and whatever catches our eye at the moment. Another is we’re not going to stick to just dramas and movies – we’re going to discuss more topics: from books to music to what is going on in the world.

So stick around, and keep an eye out for some new posts coming soon!

And for everyone who still is reading us, thank you as always. You’re keeping us alive (:



About Laken

Just a girl who's trying to find herself in this crazy world.

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