Staff Picks: August

I’m  surprised that it never occurred to us to do something like this before, but here goes! Each month we will pick a few of our fave titles to share, no genre or theme attached. Some titles may be old, some may be current. What’s certain is they are titles that we love and hope that y’all will enjoy them, too. 

Riverdale 2


Seasons: 1
Premiered: January 26, 2017

~Approx. 42 mins per episode
~Approx. 13 episodes per season

Riverdale, while based on the Archie comics, is a lot darker than the light-hearted series I read in elementary school.  And it had me hooked! Watching this show, I missed a lot of sleep and, not going to lie, heavily considered not going to work so I could finish it! The town Riverdale has many grim secrets that have remained hidden for years, until the murder of the town’s darling blows them wide open.  What I really loved about this series is that the focus is not solely on Archie and his lovable foolishness. Sure, he’s an important character, but it’s the rest of his friends that really make this show shine. If you are in need of a bingeable murder mystery, give Riverdale a shot.


The Flash

Seasons: 3 (Season 3 premiering October 4, 2016 )
Premiered: October 7, 2014

~Approx. 45 mins per episode
~Approx. 23 episodes per season

Recently, I have on a big DC & Marvel kick. Thanks to Netflix, this means I have tons of shows to keep me occupied. I started The Flash last week and I’m already halfway through season two.  What I love about this series is that it’s not afraid to shy away from the humor.  While it’s nice to have the serious, brooding super heroes, it’s refreshing to have a hero that isn’t opposed to cracking jokes and coming up with funny villain names with his friends. The Flash has a perfect blend of humor and action. Even when the characters falter and struggle, the series still manages to keep a hold of that sense of excitement and wonder that the source material invoked in the readers.

On a side note, I also appreciate the variety of villains used in the show. The writers really dug deep and found fascinating characters and powers to showcase.

If you haven’t started The Flash yet, I highly recommend you do. Which reminds me, I paused an episode to type this up. I really gotta get back to it. 😉



Seasons: 13 (Season 13 premiering October 12, 2017)
Premiered: September 13, 2005

~Approx. 40 mins per episode
~Approx. 22 episodes per season

The last couple months I’ve been binging out Supernatural. It’s a show that’s been around forever, and I’ve always been meaning to watch it. But let me tell you, it was worth the wait. I’m about to start Season 6, and it’s been a whirlwind of excitement. Here’s a show that’s not boring. Despite the fact they’re always going after demons and the like, it’s not that redundant. There are different monsters, ones I’ve never heard of before, and a cruel storyline.

It’s a show about two brothers, opposites in many ways, who try to save the world. The storyline progresses in a way that it takes you in an unexpected direction. And some of these episodes? Moving, I almost cried at a couple. You grow so attached to certain characters. There’s also a sarcastic humor about the show, and some episodes were downright funny.

I also cannot listen to the song “Carry on My Wayward Son” by Kansas without thinking of this show anymore.

Supernatural is my must watch recommendation of this month. If you haven’t seen it yet, or any parts of it, check it out!

 game of thrones

Game of Thrones

Seasons: 7 (Season 7 premiered July 16, 2017)
Premiered: April 17, 2011

~Approx. 50mins – 69mins per episode
~Approx. 10 episodes per season

While I’m a little new to the Game of Thrones train, I binged all six seasons last October. In two weeks. This show is that addicting. There’s a reason why people are continuously talking about it. Season 7 is airing right now, and it’s painful waiting weekly for episodes to air. So many favorite characters are starting to work together, it’s amazing.

Game of Thrones is in the hype for a good reason. If you like any kind of Medieval/Fantasy story, this is right up your alley. From dragons to war to an ice cold winter threatening to destroy everyone. And lies, deceit, everyone is after the throne – hence the title. Here is a show filled with so many fine twists and  turns, you won’t see the connection right away.

It’s actually part of my plan to go back and re-watch this entire series once again after this season is done airing. It just does not get boring, and it gets better every time. Unfortunately, there’s only 7 episodes this season, and that makes me sad.


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  2. I watched Riverdale a couple of months ago and loved it! It was a nice surprise seeing Cole Sprouse in it, too.

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