Spoiler Scale

We Dramatards can’t stand accidentally coming across spoilers. It’s our sworn duty to fight the Evil Overlord and his spoilers. Which is why we have devised a scale of how strong the spoilers are. At the top of our drama and movie related posts, we shall post which level the spoilers on the page are. If you want to avoid spoilers, please look at the code before reading. It will be at the top of the page and say, “Spoiler Code: ____ “.— sleepninja


Green : Light and fluffy!  This is the most mild of spoilers. The funny little things in a drama and details that are found out within the first two episodes.  Does not stray too far from what you find in the synopsis.


Blue : Still light but a little more detailed and a bit further into the series. No major plot twists…but just not within what you find in the synopsis.


Yellow : Yellow (yes I know this is orange, but do you want to see the text or not? :p)    Whoa! Slow down there partner, we just told a plot twist. Tread carefully. It’s not a life or death type of spoiler, but it’s still quite a spoiler.


Red : DANGER DANGER! Turn back while you still can. We are in spoiler city now!  EVERYTHING is being revealed. The whole story. If you don’t want to know who married who, who has birth secrets, who slept with who, who died, who killed who………..DO NOT READ!!!!!

  1. LMAO sleepy… this is good!! I love it. 😀

  2. This is great. i love the colors especially the orange…. opps i mean yellow :p.

    the sites looking great guys 🙂

  3. I love it! Perfect! and pretty colors too! You guys are doing great. The site looks better and better!

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