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  1. Do you guys have room for another warrior in the ongoing battle against the Evil Lord??
    I absolutely love watching korean dramas and have actually considered starting my own blog but alas, I suck at general computer-ology.
    I have so many rants I could go on about so many different dramas and I LOVE to discuss, talk about, and share all knowledge I have of dramas.
    Sadly, no other close friends of mine understand my drama addiction and do not share my love for all things drama TT.TT…

    So what could I add to your blog?? Well, I’m definitely addicted to dramas (I finish them in matter of days), my drama tastes vary from melo, sitcoms, rom-com, daily dramas, and more… (But I usually stay within the Korean ones because…. the reason is coming up)
    Also, I am actually a native Korean and can speak, read, write and understand korean…
    As first generation Korean American, I can understand Korean culture very well.

    I keep up with Korean celebrity news pretty well through Korean websites, I love to look up drama information and ratings.

    Please tell me what you think, even if it is a rejection…

    Thanks for your consideration and hey, keep up the great work!! 😀

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