Hey there! Not much to say, I’m a crazy drama addict who’s obsessed with watching dramas. From my love of American dramas to my love of Asian dramas. I went through different phases and periods where I preferred one over the other, but these days: I’m in love with all! Ever since I was a kid I’ve been interested in live action drama series, from my love of Smallville and Charmed, to my growing love for Hana Kimi and Hana Yori Dango. There are so many series that I could call my favorite.

I love all kinds of music as well. From the punk rock genres I grew up with to even a little Kpop, Jpop or Cpop every now and then.

My love for Asian culture started to grow after I discovered anime through a friend. I remember sitting next to this girl in my Geography class and she would always read manga before class started or when we had free time. I looked at her and told her I probably could never read something like that (because the book was flipped from American style comics) and I saw this shy, quiet girl get very excited and started blabbing about how she was going to “convert” me. Next thing I know, she’s showing me how to read them and she handed me my first series to borrow – W Juliet – which started my love for the genre and even got me started on art and drawing. That was over eight years ago now, when I was thirteen. Eventually, I moved on to more series and anime, and on my search for a possible Hana Kimi anime, I discovered the live action dramas instead. Before then, it had never occurred to me that I could watch dramas from other countries online, and after I binge watched my first Asian drama, Hana Kimi (2007), I fell in love with Asian dramas.

Later on, I moved onto Taiwanese dramas, and then Korean dramas. I even obsessed over Lee Seung Gi for the longest time, and fell in love with him even more after watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Lastly, I expanded my drama watching experience by moving onto lakorn.

Now for a little more background information on me:
I’m Crazy4You from MyDramaList. I tend to write a lot of reviews and other random posts. I used to write Music Video reviews and biographies, but due to real life business, I lack the time to focus on those posts anymore (although you may find some of them here).

Also, I’m in charge of making the headers for our blog here, which is a fun way for me to work around with photo-editing software such as Photoshop, Gimp and Pixlr. My goal is to go into graphic designing after I get through college.

Lastly, I have a personal blog as well (My Blog), and you can reach me either here, there, or on MDL (:


[UPDATED: August 16, 2014]

  1. MGIAG and Lee Seung Gi ♥♥

    I love B2ST too, but I think my favorite Kpop group is a tie between Super Junior and Big Bang.

    • I love Super Junior and Big Bang as well but I don’t know as many of their songs, B2ST was one of the first groups I started listening to [DBSK being the very first] and I just love almost all of their songs 😀

      • I really don’t have a preference for any Kpop group, or Jpop for that matter. I just know I love, love, love Luna Sea which is a Jrock band 🙂

        I like some pop songs though… does that count? 😀

      • Haha it counts (: And hey Jrock is good, although I don’t know too many groups

        [just realized I only added pop to the music and no rock D: *going to add*]

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