Our Beginning

Once upon a time, in a land called Dramatardia, three brave warriors banded together in an attempt to defeat the Evil Overlord who had banished dramas. Together, they formed The Dramatards. After a long, treacherous battle, with much bloodshed (including spammiches, birth secrets, water thrown in faces, people hit by cars in slow motion even though they clearly could have dodged it, angry ahjummas and ahjussi’s screaming at their children’s “ineligible” partners, people crying over broken links and lack of subs, love triangles, pentagons, even octagons……) they emerged victorious! A safe haven for dramalovers was created. The Evil Overlord was imprisoned in a fortress of stone and ice………biding his time for his next attack. But The Dramatards shall stay vigilant! May dramas reign supreme!


Evil Overlord




Written by Sleepninja

  1. I just stumbled across this from MDL, this is awesome! 😀

  2. Just found this site. Will explore. =D

  3. Haha Thanks. Our epic tale needed to be told! (cue dramatic music)

  4. So Awesome! Love the Anime pics of each of you!

  5. Love it, too! Sounds funny, great and perfect! 😀

  6. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesomeness 0.0
    Love the post. Great job. 😀

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