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My Drama Challenge!

Start Your Min Ki Addiction Here!

New Highlight!

For the week of the viewer’s pick we have decided to do male actors!

So here is the poll with 6 male actors we think should be highlighted. Take your pick of the one you favor most.

The winner will be highlighted for a whole week, from Oct 29 – Nov 4.

It’s hard to pick. We know! 😉

A Decade of Dramas with JADEEYES (Part 2)

A Decade of Dramas with JADEEYES

Celebrating A Decade of Dramas!

Hi drama fans!

Did you ever felt like there is not enough time to watch dramas? That many dramas in your list have been left behind because you just happen to be interested in all the currently airing dramas? Too many to pick from! Yes! We know how it feels.

However, no matter what year we started watching dramas, there always will be those dramas that were left behind because there are just too many to pick from. So for this highlight we thought we could help to narrow down your pick… or, help to expand it even MORE!!!!!

We picked 6 dramas from each year starting from 2001 to 2010 that we think are either overlooked — due to them not being current dramas, and therefore what is popular at the moment; or just plain older dramas that deserve to be mentioned. Basically, we want to bring you a decade of celebration in drama land, while introducing older dramas that we think deserve praise as well.

A Decade of Asian Dramas

Please feel free to jump up and down! Yes! These three weeks will be all about the dramas! 🙂

Following this post, will be a series of polls in which you will have the chance to pick among your favorite dramas from that year or, if you have not seen any from the year in question, then how about voting for the one you think you left behind? 😉

This will be a collaboration of all authors in the Dramatards!

A Decade in Dramas — Poll of 2007-2008

These are our choice of dramas from the years 2007 to 2008.

Take your pick! XD

Mean Guy

Pride Wins the Poll

Pick Your Favorite Member

Like the title says, pick your favorite H.O.T member!

This poll will close Sunday night. 🙂