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Upcoming October Dramas

There are a lot of interesting shows airing and coming out this month. Here are some that have piqued our interest.

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Upcoming September Movies and Dramas

Dramatards Recommend – Horror and Supernatural!

Recent Shows I’ve Watched

Hey guys! Lately I’ve been on my own drama binge and I’ve finished three seasons of three different shows. This is my post sort of recommending you to check them out. So let me start:

Game of Thrones (Season 7)

I’m a huge GoT fan. Ever since I got hooked on the first season (a year ago), I’ve been obsessed. I binged the first six seasons in less than three weeks. Then had to wait months for season 7 to come out. And… now that season 7 is over, I’m disappointed in the fact that now I have to wait almost two years for the final eighth season to come out. Like… what kind of bull is that?

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Dramatards Recommend – Horror and Supernatural!