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New Movies: June 2018

Yes. I know. It’s July. What am I doing posting about June movies? Listen, I got halfway done with this post and ran out of time. But I am determined! It will not be wasted!

So please enjoy this leftover post. Heh
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New Books & Anime: June 2018

So, May got skipped over and we’re going on ahead to the June titles. That way, I can keep up with everything. This month has only a few interesting titles being released for both books and anime. Hopefully they will be quality over quantity!
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New Movies: April 2018

Rom-coms and horror. The themes of this month’s new movies are rather contrasting, don’t you think?
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Mini Reviews: Death Sentence

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Weekly Movie Watch: Bridget Jones’s Diary

Weekly Movie Watch: Gremlins

Weekly Movie Watch: The Ref

For the month of December, we quite cleverly and originally decided to watch Christmas movies. Our first movie is The Ref:
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Weekly Movie Watch: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Weekly Movie Watch: The Secret of Moonacre

Weekly Movie Watch: Welcome To Happiness