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New Single from Negicco is a Vintage Paradise

Two days ago Negicco’s newest music video was revealed and I absolutely love it!

What I love most about this song is it’s sweet and charming sound. Both the song and the video have this vintage look and feel to them. Had I not already known who this group was, I would have assumed it was a song from several decades ago! I definitely like how this stands out from a lot of the current electronic sounds most Jpop singles have nowadays. A refreshing change of pace. 🙂

For more information about this group, please take a look at this MTV 81 interview.

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Random Video Corner

Gackt speaking English, I love it! That part with the police was too funny.

Spot Vanness – It’s Like That MV

Vanness Wu is currently living in Taipei Taiwan, but before he made it big in Asia he was given brakes in the music industry while still living in the States where he is originally from.

One of his breaks was in the music video of Run DMC’s “It’s Like That”, from the 90s. He is one of the brake dancers.

Here is the video, see if you can spot him ^^