Aum Atichart Chumnanon

  1. wow i have watch ed 3 with him in it each one has been excellent he is amazing and he is hot

    • haha I think that’s about the same amount that I have watched. ^^ I think I should watch another of his dramas soon. He’s been in a ton!

  2. Wow he’s rocking those abs! haha

  3. Pic number 4 *sigh* Actually all of them lol 😀

  4. Don’t know this actor, but whoa!! Must watch something with him haha.

    • He’s a Thai actor, I would recommend watching Namtan Mai. He’s awesome in it. The chemistry between him and Aff was amazing.

      • Ill added to my list of plan to watch 🙂

        • is he eurosian?

          • No, he is from Thailand. Handsome isn’t he? ^^

            • Yes, he is handsome. I just wonder a lot of Thai stars are eurosian, e.g. half Thai half English/Swedish etc, right 🙂

              • Oh yes, I see what you mean. Well, I don’t know for sure. Sleepy (the author of this gallery) is the one that knows the most about Aum, Im sure she can tell you.
                Do you like Thai dramas?

                • Yes, I do, but unfortunately there are only a few Thai drama with Eng subs. Do you?
                  And hopefully Sleepy (the author) can clarify for us re Aum. Cheers 🙂

                  • Hmm I do not know. I haven’t found out much about him. Everywhere I look (and there’s not much that I could find) just states the he was born in Bangkok. I did see on one profile that he has a big sister and a little sister as well as a pet dog. That’s about all the I know.

                    Do you use vikki? Vikki has a lot of subbed lakorn and I also found a bunch of channels on youtube that subtitle them.

                    • Yes, I do use Viki and Youtube, but there are not many have been subbed, especially when we would like to watch the new one :(( But lucky, we still have some in Eng sub…..Thanks for your reply, much appreciate it!! Cheers 🙂

                  • Yeah, I wish there were more available with subs. *sigh* I guess we’ll just have to make do and hope for more in the future. 😀

      • Hi, is he eurasian?

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