Our History

This is a page dedicated to all of our old posts. We’re currently undergoing a change and adding new things to spice up the life of the blog. Over the past three years, this blog has mostly been dedicated to Asian dramas, music, and culture. We want to expand our purpose, and build more variety. There are new and different things we all would like to talk about and bring here and share. Below are categories with links to almost all of our posts up until now, making it easier for everyone to locate them!

To be noted – some categories were taken out to prevent a repeat of post (Profile posts and biographies are all listed under the “ACTORS” category, even if they were also used as a highlight post). We did this to make it easier to navigate. If you would like to see all of our Highlights, be sure to check out our Headers Gallery, as we had a different header for each Highlight of the Week that we had. Once upon a time, we had this many categories.

Also, some videos in the posts below may not work anymore due to them being removed on YouTube. We may or may not, later on, go back and edit through these posts to find working videos.Β 

From December 8, 2011 – June 25, 2014



-Chinese/Taiwanese/Hong Kong




-Look-a-likes Or Siblings?


-Our Reviews









-Ayumi Hamasaki (#8: February 13th – February 25th [2012])

-B2ST (#23)

-Big Bang (#2: December 19th – December 25th [2011])

-Candy Mafia (#10: March 5th – March 11th [2012])

-Decade Through Drama (#27: October 1st – October 28th [2012])

-Domyouji Tsukasa (#9)

-Fahrenheit (#15: April 10th – April 22nd [2012])

-Gackt (#22: July 30th – August 12th [2012])

-Jackie Chan (#7: January 30th – February 12th [2012])

-JYJ//DBSK (#4: January 2nd – January 15th [2012])

-K-Pop Flashback (#16: April 23rd – May 6th [2012])

-Kang Nam Gil (#17: May 7th – May 13th [2012])

-KAT-TUN (#3: December 26th (2011) – January 1st [2012])

-Kim Yoo Bin (#13: March 26th – April 1st [2012])

-Kimura Takuya (#25: September 3rd β€” September 9th [2012])

-Korean Child Actors (#6: January 23rd – January 29th [2012])

-Lee Min Ki (#28: October 29 – November 4th [2012])

-Mao Inoue (#11: March 12th – March 18th [2012])

-MYSTERY/SUSPENSE (#24: August 27th – September 2nd [2012])

-Nakatsu Shuichi (#1: December 7th – December 18th [2011])

-Piggy Dolls (#14: April 2nd – April 10th [2012])

-Vanness Wu (#21: July 9th -July 15th [2012])

-Yoon Sang Hyun (#5:Β January 16th – January 22nd [2O12])


-Coffee Prince (January 2012)

-Goong (February 2012)

-Hana Kimi (December 2011)

-My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (May 2012)

-Wong Wian Hua Jai (April 2012)

-Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (March 2012)

Pages that we no longer use:

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