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Gackt — Poll Results

Oh My Gackt!

Its time for a poll!!

Gackt has been in numerous roles, but only listed the ones that had an interesting story behind it, or… okay lets just say it, a great hair style! Don’t you just love his hair styles? Vote for your favorite character!


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Random Video Corner

Gackt speaking English, I love it! That part with the police was too funny.

Random Video Corner

Gackt was my introduction to the world of Jrock and Jpop. I listened to his song “Vanilla” and fell in love with it. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have gotten into the Japanese music scene, or any Asian music scene for that matter. He will always be my fave Japanese singer. 🙂 So, here is a vid of him getting his groove on. Enjoy XD

Everyday I’m Derping — The Ayumi Hamasaki Edition???