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Once Upon A Time — The Mystery of Saengchori!

Another great plot that although a comedy, also has lots of mystery and there is suspense as well. Like with The Chaser, Im providing an excerpt because it has already been published here under category Recommendations. If you are fishing for more recommendations then check it out sometime 🙂 


There is no good trailer for this drama, and there aren’t good vids. Not because the drama is not a good, if you visit forum sites and look up this drama you will find that the opinion of those who have watched is always the same: “Wow, this drama is freaking awesome!” … okay so others might phrase things differently, but it is my best shot at getting you to WATCH IT!!! :p

Here is an excerpt:


Well… they came up with a nice plot, but cast totally unknown actors for the leads, so drama watchers didn’t even bother with it because there is no mainstream actor in it. This drama has to be the highest-underrated Korean drama of all times (if that makes any sense). Okay so now go watch it!!!! Hurry, pali, pali.


If you are still here is because that didn’t convince you, which makes me happy. It only means you are willing to try this drama for the right reasons.


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Kang Nam Gil’s Highlight

For this week’s highlight we have Kang Nam Gil. He has been in numerous dramas, and you might remember him as the father in most, but definitely the comedy act in all. 😀

Here are some links to previous posts we have done in which Kang Nam Gil is also a part of. Enjoy.

Goong – Kang Nam Gil was the father of our curious princess 🙂

The Character’s From Goong

And there is also a review of one of his best dramas, Once Upon A Time in Saengchori. Our Nam Gil is the fourth credit :). Here is the link: What Happened in Saengchori?

What Happened in Saengchori?