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Hopefully this stupid post will show up.  And show up correctly this time!!!!!!!!!!!!   Don’t make me unleash my army of dragons on your ass!

Don’t Be Cheap

      *sigh* That awkward moment when you are watching a scene in a drama (a very good drama mind you) and are having trouble paying attention to the actual story because it’s obvious they are in front of a green screen. It wouldn’t have been that hard to shoot them walking outside in the fall.

Two ways I know it’s a green screen:
1) They don’t blend in with their surroundings
2) The people “walking in the background behind them, are walking in place. LOL

      So rather than pay attention to the powerful story taking place………………………I’m mindlessly staring at the people walking and walking, but getting nowhere. SMH Please, I know you were trying to save money, but don’t be so cheap. Or at least be cleverer with your cheapness.

” “Me Too, Flower” Might End Early Due to Poor Ratings? ” Are you serious?