About Us

Once upon a time we were a blog that wrote about Asian dramas, celebrities, music, and the like. While we kept up with it for a few years, we drifted our interests, and our lives took us in different directions. This was us when we started:

Three drama lovers that got together to bring you the best and worst of our drama experience in one whole fun package. We came up with the idea for The Dramatards after coming across some not so good reviews and noticing rude and impatient comments.

So what exactly is a Dramatard? Have you ever read something written by someone on a drama forum, drama review, or a comment about a drama that just made you take a step back and go “WTH?” – those would be the people we are referring to.

Everything – from dramas to music to actors and news, anything with relation to asian entertainment is what we plan to discuss, rant, praise about with our blog.

So who are we now? We are crazy4you and Sleepninja, two drama lovers and bloggers who are ready to start fresh and ready to bring you new posts about new topics. Ready to mix it up and keep you on your toes.

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