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What Should We Change Our Name To?

Hey guys!

So Sleepninja and I have been working to revive our blog the last few weeks, and we’ve been talking. We have strayed from our original reasoning for creating this blog (which was strictly Asian dramas, movies, music) to whatever we are currently watching. JADEYES also has taken a break from the blog to focus on her own life. Because of this, we felt the need for a change. So we are wanting to change the name for our blog, and kind of start fresh!

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Favorite Kimutaku Drama!!

Gackt — Poll Results

Oh My Gackt!

Its time for a poll!!

Gackt has been in numerous roles, but only listed the ones that had an interesting story behind it, or… okay lets just say it, a great hair style! Don’t you just love his hair styles? Vote for your favorite character!


Shin vs Kim

Help Us Pick Our Next Highlight!

For our viewer’s week this month we’ve decided on Chinese and Taiwanese groups (and Show Luo). Vote for the one that you want us to highlight (or the one you like the best) (:
This will be for the week after next week (April 10th – April 15th [2012]).

The poll is now closed.

Thanks for voting! (:

Poll Results – Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge!

Favorite Drama or Movie With Mao Inoue?

Who’s Your Favorite Candy Mafia Member?

Help us pick our next highlight!

To help us learn more about our viewer’s likes and to help us add more variety to our weekly highlights we’ve decided to let you guys decide on who we should have our next highlight on! Plus we want to have more variety on our blog and by doing this we pick a handful of people to choose from and the rest is up to you guys! This will be to help us pick the highlight not for next week but the week afterwards (March 12th – March 18th).

This poll is all Japanese Actresses, as we’ve yet to have one as our highlight. 

The poll will be closed after Friday.