New Movies: June 2018

Yes. I know. It’s July. What am I doing posting about June movies? Listen, I got halfway done with this post and ran out of time. But I am determined! It will not be wasted!

So please enjoy this leftover post. Heh
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New Shows: June 2018

There are a lot of interesting shows airing in China this month that caught my eye. However, I’m most excited for the two U.S. titles released this month. What can I say? I’m a sucker for Marvel.
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New Books & Anime: June 2018

So, May got skipped over and we’re going on ahead to the June titles. That way, I can keep up with everything. This month has only a few interesting titles being released for both books and anime. Hopefully they will be quality over quantity!
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Random Video Corner : It’s Been a While

Flashback Friday! Let’s Revisit 10 Things that Hana Kimi Taught Me

Around the time that our blog first started, all three of us were in love with the 2007 drama adaptation of Hana Kimi. As such, I felt it was fitting to share one of several Hana Kimi related articles we published that really feels nostalgic.

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New Books: April & May 2018

Since April and May both were lacking in interesting book releases, I decided to combine the posts.
All manga/manhwa releases are the U.S. releases. I’m not quite sure where to dig up info on the original releases in their respective countries.

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New Anime: April 2018

Wow, I just have to say, this post was by far the most challenging to complete this month. April must be considered prime real estate for premiering anime. So this post might be a little too long. I tried. I tried so hard (no, must resist the urge to sing) to eliminate more, but there’s so many interesting titles! Read the rest of this entry

New Movies: April 2018

Rom-coms and horror. The themes of this month’s new movies are rather contrasting, don’t you think?
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New Shows: April 2018

This April, there are a lot of interesting new shows and some new seasons from returning shows. This post will highlight the titles that stood out to me the most.

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Mini Reviews: Death Sentence

This review was originally going to be part of our weekly movie challenges as part of a month of Gangster movies. Read the rest of this entry