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New Single from Negicco is a Vintage Paradise

Two days ago Negicco’s newest music video was revealed and I absolutely love it!

What I love most about this song is it’s sweet and charming sound. Both the song and the video have this vintage look and feel to them. Had I not already known who this group was, I would have assumed it was a song from several decades ago! I definitely like how this stands out from a lot of the current electronic sounds most Jpop singles have nowadays. A refreshing change of pace. 🙂

For more information about this group, please take a look at this MTV 81 interview.

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Random Video Corner

Random Video Corner

Gackt speaking English, I love it! That part with the police was too funny.

Random Video Corner

I adore Morning Musume. They are one of my favorite Jpop groups and have been for several years. I’m always watching their pv’s, especially the dance shot versions. I just love their dances! I was watching one recently and came across this group of guys doing a dance cover of Renai Hunter. These guys are great!

For reference, the original.

Happy Birthday Yoochun!!

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