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Random Video Corner: Dempagumi Inc. will save the world!

Random Video Corner: Bollywood Edition

Random Video Corner: The Banana Song

The Banana Song from Despicable Me 2, done a la Asian!

Random Video Corner: It’s Amazing. ;)

Yoohoo! Sleepninja here again with more zany videos! A couple weeks ago I shared an amazing video of a Sailor Moon enthusiast lip-synching. Guess what? The other day he uploaded another one! Gotta say, it’s amazing. 😉 Love this guy! He has other awesome videos that you might enjoy as well, such as Sailor Scout transformations and episode reviews. ^^

Strong language warning.

Random Video Corner: Sailor Moon Ahoy!

Random Video Corner

Random Video Corner

I really needed a laugh this morning, so of course I turned to YouTube. Once again, Japanese variety shows didn’t let me down. lol If you need some cheering up, give this a try. Binocular soccer. What a funny concept!

Random Video Corner

Random Video Corner

Random Video Corner

Gackt speaking English, I love it! That part with the police was too funny.

Random Video Corner: WTF Korea Edition

If you thought the shake weight was bad, get a load of this gem from Korea. Omo! I can’t quit laughing.

Random Video Corner

I adore Morning Musume. They are one of my favorite Jpop groups and have been for several years. I’m always watching their pv’s, especially the dance shot versions. I just love their dances! I was watching one recently and came across this group of guys doing a dance cover of Renai Hunter. These guys are great!

For reference, the original.

Random Video Corner

Secret The King

About a month ago I came across this mash up on Youtube of Secret Garden and The King2Hearts. Unfortunately, there were no subtitles available so I held off on posting it here. But today I decided to go look and see if someone subbed it and they did 😀 It was great without the subs and even better after knowing what they’re saying :p

Make sure to hit CC for subtitles! Enjoy (:

Spoiler Code: Blue


Rooftop Prince Vs. Fashion King

Random Video Corner