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Full Sun 6 Minute Trailer

KBS released a new trailer for The Full Sun aka Beyond the Clouds. Oh boy! It looks to me like this show will have all the drama, all the angst, all the melo I could ever ask for. *rubs hands together* I can’t wait! You can view the trailer here.

According to The Drama Corner, The Full Sun will the first two episodes back-to-back tomorrow. (Technically today, since it’s already tomorrow in South Korea. haha)

While we are on the subject of trailers, I wanted to share the trailer for another drama I’ve been anticipating, but somehow failed to mention in the previous article. (I know! Shame on me.) Good Years, also known as Wonderful Days, will begin airing March 8th. I am super excited about this drama because it marks Lee Seo Jin’s comeback to dramas. It’s been three years since his last drama. This drama will be 50 episodes long, so we’ll get to see plenty of him. πŸ™‚ You can read more about this drama on Judging from the preview, it looks like a fun watch!



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If you thought the shake weight was bad, get a load of this gem from Korea. Omo! I can’t quit laughing.

Happy Birthday Lee Byung Hun!! :D