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Weekly Movie Watch: Seeking A Friend For The End of The World

Blog Updates!

Hey guys!

We wanted to give you an update on our plans for the next month. We’ve looked at the results of the poll, and decided that for now, we are going to keep our name the way it is and revisit this down the road. So be on the lookout for new headers and images with our current name! We have a few other ideas in store as well.

The other thing is, we’re still trying to find our niche. It’s exciting to bring this blog back alive, and we’ve been keeping up with a few weekly posts, including our Weekly Movie Watch. We have a few more ideas we would like to share with you guys, and we’ll be introducing those soon!

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Weekly Movie Watch: V For Vendetta

Recent Shows I’ve Watched

Hey guys! Lately I’ve been on my own drama binge and I’ve finished three seasons of three different shows. This is my post sort of recommending you to check them out. So let me start:

Game of Thrones (Season 7)

I’m a huge GoT fan. Ever since I got hooked on the first season (a year ago), I’ve been obsessed. I binged the first six seasons in less than three weeks. Then had to wait months for season 7 to come out. And… now that season 7 is over, I’m disappointed in the fact that now I have to wait almost two years for the final eighth season to come out. Like… what kind of bull is that?

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Weekly Movie Watch: The Midnight After

Weekly Movie Watch: The A-List

What Should We Change Our Name To?

Hey guys!

So Sleepninja and I have been working to revive our blog the last few weeks, and we’ve been talking. We have strayed from our original reasoning for creating this blog (which was strictly Asian dramas, movies, music) to whatever we are currently watching. JADEYES also has taken a break from the blog to focus on her own life. Because of this, we felt the need for a change. So we are wanting to change the name for our blog, and kind of start fresh!

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Netflix Originals: Gypsy [REVIEW]

My Top 5 Favorite Underrated Disney Movies

Hey guys! So I’ve also been working on a personal blog on top of this one, and here’s a post I felt I could share here. My Top 5 Underrated Disney Movies! Which movies do you think are underrated?

Dazed and Still Dreaming

Disney movies are something that everyone is familiar with. Hell, we grew up watching some kind of Disney movie as a kid. And who isn’t partial to at least one film? I used to watchThe Lion King religiously as a kid, I’d make my mom rewind the movie and start it over again every time it ended. I couldn’t get enough.

I could make a huge list of my all time favorite Disney movies – I almost did. But it’s been easily done before, and many of us share the same favorites (The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Alladin, Tarzan, etc, etc). It got me thinking about my favorites that weren’t as popular as the others, and inspired this post.

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Weekly Movie Watch: Miss Stevens