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Review – One Million Stars Falling From The Sky

Announcement: Blog update!

Hey all!

We’ve recently made some new changes and improvements to our blog. Three years ago, we created this blog as something fun to do and add to our drama watching. Over the years, we’ve gotten busier with our personal lives and haven’t been posting as much as we originally did when we began.

So, we’ve decided to branch out more, and we’re adding non-western shows and films to the blog. In the future we may add even more, but for now, this is a new start for us!

Another idea we came up with is to bring some throwback posts in reminiscence to our older posts.

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Charmed, I’m sure

Orange Is the New Black, Netflix addicting!

Review – Gokusen

Review – Meteor Garden

A Decade in Dramas — Poll of 2003-2004

These are our choice of dramas from the years 2003 to 2004. Same as the other poll; your favorite or the one that was left behind but definitively peaked your interest. ^^

A Decade in Dramas — Poll of 2001-2002

These are our choice of dramas from the years 2001 to 2002. Pick your favorite out of the bunch or the one you feel you would watch if you had the opportunity.

Chilling Romance

Facebook Page!! Go like us! :D

Do you guys remember back in like March when we ran a poll for if we should make a Facebook page or not? In the end we had more people want us to make a page than people who didn’t. Finally after what feels like forever we got around to making one so make sure to go like us! Having the page will help keep the flow of things, check it out for updates on changes we make to the blog and even more. We made it last night and are still setting things up but it shouldn’t be too much longer til we have it up and running like we should (:

So go check it out 😀

– The Dramatards

Help Us Pick Our Next Highlight!

This time we picked a group of “underdog” actors. Help us out by voting and picking your favorite and who you want us to do a highlight on next (:


The poll will close Sunday June 10th

Review – My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

Secret The King

About a month ago I came across this mash up on Youtube of Secret Garden and The King2Hearts. Unfortunately, there were no subtitles available so I held off on posting it here. But today I decided to go look and see if someone subbed it and they did 😀 It was great without the subs and even better after knowing what they’re saying :p

Make sure to hit CC for subtitles! Enjoy (:

Spoiler Code: Blue


Rooftop Prince Vs. Fashion King

Review – Last Friends

Happy Birthday Chao Cyndi!! :D