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The Good, The Bad, and The Ghostly

Van Ness Wu’s Profile

Random Video Corner: The Banana Song

The Banana Song from Despicable Me 2, done a la Asian!

Red 2. Can’t Wait!

Do I Hear Wedding Bells?

Pick Your Valentine

Sometimes Valentine day comes and we suddenly see ourselves wishing we could just have a romantic date with one of our favorite idols.

I mean, why not? it’s only fair, after all everyone should have the right to a valentine. Real or not real.
So no more waiting for Mr right when there are plenty to choose from… err, among five lovely hunks 😉

Its hard to pick one? No worries, we also had a hard time picking only five 😉

A Pop Invasion in Dramatardia

This is an announcement for all our drama addicts, but I think it will especially interest the Kpop fans that read us 😉

Yes, because we are now working in collaboration with our fellow drama addicts at KPop Invasion; and they talk about everything KPOP … so expect new reviews on dramas from authors MKay, and Lis, and jump over to their blog to see what’s popping in the KPop entertainment world. 😉

To start, why not check out what they have in spotlight this month? ^ ^
KPop Invasion Spotlight


Park Yoochun’s Profile

Mean Guy — Review

Lee Min Ki’s Profile

My Drama Challenge!

Start Your Min Ki Addiction Here!

New Highlight!

For the week of the viewer’s pick we have decided to do male actors!

So here is the poll with 6 male actors we think should be highlighted. Take your pick of the one you favor most.

The winner will be highlighted for a whole week, from Oct 29 – Nov 4.

It’s hard to pick. We know! 😉

A Decade of Dramas with JADEEYES (Part 2)

A Decade of Dramas with JADEEYES