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So Parodiable! The B2ST Edition

Random Video Corner

Gackt speaking English, I love it! That part with the police was too funny.

Random Video Corner: WTF Korea Edition

If you thought the shake weight was bad, get a load of this gem from Korea. Omo! I can’t quit laughing.

Every Day I’m Derping — The Sung Dong Il Edition

The Fox Owner’s Guide

Random Video Corner

Everyday I’m Derping — The Kang Nam Gil Edition

Random Video Corner

Everyday I’m Derping: The Fahrenheit Edition

Rooftop Prince Vs. Fashion King

So the other day I came across this mash up of Rooftop Prince and Fashion King and decided I’d share it here. I love mash ups – they’re always so funny! This video is somewhat spoilerish if you aren’t watching either drama or plan on watching either drama. Not anything that would majorly spoil either drama, though (:

Make sure you hit CC for the subtitles! I’m currently watching both of these dramas and I found this to be funny so I wanted to share 😀

Spoiler Code: Blue

Our favorite scenes from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Everyday I’m Derping: The Weir Sukollawat Edition

Random Video Corner

I love this video of Joe Cheng calling Ariel Lin. It’s so cute and funny. I love both of them and they act so well together. If you haven’t seen ‘It Started with a Kiss’, I would highly recommend it. It is the 2005 Taiwanese remake of the manga, ‘Itazura na Kiss’. Jiro Wang from Fahrenheit also stars in it.

Here’s a music video for the opening song of ISWAK. It includes scenes from the drama.

Everyday I’m Derping: The Inoue Mao Edition