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Dramatards Recommend – Horror and Supernatural!

Weird Science : Science Fiction Anime

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Amusing Yamamoto Nadeshiko Review

Oops! I meant “Yamato”

I was browsing for funny, random things of the anime The Wallflower (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, and I guess I found what I was looking for?? O.o 

Now this review is hilarious, I have to admit the girl is funny as hell…. but! There were a few things I did not agree with, especially  the supposedly “wrong” casting of Kyohei. She made this review before the drama was aired, as it is for the anime. Her expectations of Kyohei are bit too high, she must really like him (so do I :p). However, when I first Watched Yamato Nadeshiko (the drama) I didn’t know who Kame was, and whether he was seen as a good actor or not…. I didn’t care. The first thing that came to my head when I saw him acting as Kyohei was how well they had casted Kyohei, Kame (even when not more beautiful than Akanishi… thank God!) was the perfect Kyohei, and I just loved him after that so I went on my usual actor stalking mode and watched about four of his dramas… I was all Kameout :p 

Here is the funny/interesting/off-the-wall hilarious review … maybe is just funny to me cuz I’m a dork: Chibi/nose bleed/chibi/nosebleed/chibi lol


My Sister, My Yamato Nadeshiko

Yamato Nadeshiko has been a big find in my life. When I watched the drama, I understood many things about my relationship with my sister. I wrote about this on my personal blog Sine Cera, and since we are having the pick of the month with this wonderful drama, I would love to share what I wrote about my sister, and my feelings for her.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Who says you learn nothing from TV? Almost everybody thinks this way, although I understand that most TV shows and movies are indeed a work of fiction, you can still learn from it.

Watching the Japanese drama the Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, adapted from the manga The Wallflower, I came across an interesting truth, one that only one person has said to me and it was in the form of an apology. This person, with one sentence made years of ignorance, hatred, and mixed feelings for one another go away. It was the only time someone has ever apologized to me without using the word forgiveness, and not many people have apologized to me to begin with. This person was my sister. But, let’s go back to the drama first, and explain a little bit about it.

The drama Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, is about four extremely good-looking boys that are given the job to turn a gothic, shy, frightful girl, into a lady. There is Takano Kyohei,  the mainly one; Oda Takenaga, the smart one; Toyama Yukinojo, the one everyone wants to smuggle with; and Morii Ranmaru, the lady’s man. Nakahara Sunako –the girl in question- can’t be around beautiful people, especially Kyohei whom she calls “bright” and hits in the head every time she is near him…

To read more, click on this link: My Sister, My Yamato Nadeshiko

For You in Full Blossom

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