HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kamenashi Kazuya!! :)


Kame ><

Happy birthday Kame!! From your friends, the dramatards.

We love your music, and recently saw you in Yokai Nigen Bem. Awesome drama, keep working hard!!

Hope your birthday is filled with happiness. Stay cute Kame 😀

LOL too cute

You can visit Kame’s Profile to see his filmography 😀

Meet him and his group members in Meet KATTUN

To check out KATTUN in all their glory at The Dramatards. Read our posts on their Highlight Week.


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  1. awwnn he looks so0o cute here … i didnt know he is in a airing drama 😀 yay !!

  2. Happy Birthday Kame-Kun!! 😀 Still love him :p

  3. Woohoo! Happy birthday. Try not to party too hard lol That face he’s making in the last pic is so adorkable.

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