Meet the members of DBSK… or TVXQ… or Tohoshinki… or JYJ (:



Hero Jaejoong

Stage Name : HERO | Young Woong Jae Joong (영웅재중 or 英雄在中) / Jejung (ジェジュン Jejun)
Real Name : Kim Jae Joong (김재중, 金在中)
Birthdate: January 26, 1986 (1986-01-26) (age 25) Korean age: 26
Birthplace: The city of Kongju of Chungnam Province (충남 or 忠南)
Position: Main vocals, Harmony
Religion: Used to be an Atheist but converted to Christianity
Blood type: O

Jaejoong was born as Han Jaejoon (한재준, 韓在俊) and was given up for adoption at a young age by his mother to a family named “Kim” and his name was changed to Kim Jaejoong. At the age of 16 he moved, by himself, to Seoul so he could take part in the auditions held by SM Entertainment. 

Jaejoong made his debut as Youngwoong Jaejoong. A fortune teller had foretold his name years before. Youngwoong means “hero” in Korean, which is where his name comes from. Jaejoong also chose the name because he wanted to be the hero of the music industry. Out of an audition of 5OOO people Jaejoong had been selected and had also won first place in both “Best Looking” and “Best Vocals” – making him the main vocal of TVXQ.

On April 7, 2006 at 1:20 AM, Jaejoong was pulled over in his father’s friend’s BMW by a police officer on his way home from the Renaissance Hotels. He was ordered to take a breath test and his level of alcohol was revealed to be 0.071%. After spending 20 minutes at the police station, he was released. Due to violating traffic laws, Jaejoong was temporarily suspended from all TVXQ activities and had his license taken away for 100 days.

He’s also acted in a few different dramas as well as a few movies. His most recent role was in the SBS drama Protect The Boss where he played second lead Cha Moo Won. Some of his other roles include a main role in a Japanese drama called Sunao ni Narenakute and the movie that he’s mostly known for is Postman To Heaven.

After the break-up of TVXQ (DBSK) Jaejoong became a member of JYJ alongside Yoochun and Junsu.

(More Info)

Won an award in the 2nd Annual SM Best Competition – Best Appearance 1st Place

-Loves to cook

-Has 8 sisters

-Has 11 piercings

-Has a matching tattoo (TVXQsoul) with Yoochun

-Wanted to be a grocery store owner, so that he can eat all the cookies (LOL He’s a cookie monster!)

-Likes a girl with pretty hands and feet

-First kiss in the 6th grade

-Believes he will marry a fan

-Wants 2 daughters

-Oldest member of both groups

U-Know Yunho

Yunho Pictures, Images and Photos

Stage Name : U-KNOW | U-Know Yun Ho (유노윤호 or 瑜卤允浩) / Yunho (ユンホ Yunho)
Real Name: Jung Yun Ho (정윤호, 鄭允浩)
Birthdate: February 6, 1986 (1986-02-06) (age 25) Korean age: 26
Birthplace: Gwangju (광주)
Position: Bass Baritone, Leader, Lead dancer
Religion: Christian
Blood Type:

He debuted as U-Know Yunho. His stage name, “U-Know“, comes from his Korean name “Yun Ho“. U-Know is pronounced as the English words “You Know“, but it’s meant to mean “Yunho ‘Knows You” to show his understanding of the other members since he’s the leader. Basically “I know you and I know you know I know you” (confusing eh? Haha).

Yunho stole his spot in TVXQ through a dance competition that he won first place in. He gained some experience in the field by being a rapper and back-up dancer for Kpop singer Dana (who no longer does solos but is a member in The Grace).

He’s also acted in a few dramas, his first one being the 2OO9 MBC drama Heading To The Ground where he played a main lead, Cha Bong Gun. The most recent drama he was in was Poseidon (2O11) where he had the part of Kang Eun Chul.

Yunho is one of the 2 members still in TVXQ after they split.

(More Info)

-Gets embarrassed easily

-Has a younger sister


-Very competitive

-Likes to read comic books

-Likes a girl who can LEAD him… and girls who wear hats.

-Likes a girl in pants… gives him a clean feeling

-First kiss in 12th grade

-Sleeps diagonally

-Hobbies include:  Music, reading, playing sports (basketball), composing music

-Most talented in dancing

-talented in martial arts (hapkido)

-Enjoys writing fictional stories and has diverse thoughts

-U-Know was rushed to the hospital after drinking a beverage given by an anti-fan in October 2006 while the group was filming a variety show (I remember hearing something about that. The anti-fan put super glue in the drink.  That’s so dangerous.)

-Composed the rap lyrics for “Wrong Number”,one of the tracks in their fourth korean album “MIROTIC” with Hero.

Micky Yoochun


Stage Name : MICKY | Micky Yoo Chun (믹키유천 or 秘奇有天/秘奇有仟) / Yuchun (ユチョン Yuchon)
Real Name: Park Yu Cheon (박유천, 朴有天)
Birthdate: June 4, 1986 (1986-06-04) (age 25) Korean age: 26
Birthplace: Seoul (서울)
Position: Bass
Religion: Christian
Blood Type: O

Yoochun was the last member to join DBSK. He was born in South Korea but lived in Fairfax, Virginia in America for several years with his parents. He moved when he was only in the sixth grade. Because he lived in America for quite a while his English is pretty good. He moved back to Korea in 2OO3. Yoochun won first place in a contest with Brothers Entertainment – which resulted in a guaranteed contract with SM Entertainment. Prior to his debut, he trained at SM Academy for a year. His name “Micky” comes from the name he used in the US. Coincidentally, Micky also means “hidden weapon” in Korean. The name follows his goal to be considered the “hidden weapon” in the music industry. 

He’s also acted in a few dramas. The first one he acted in as a lead role was KBS2 ‘s Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2O1O) as he played the part of Lee Sun Joon. His most recent drama was MBC’s Miss Ripley where he acted as Yutaka / Song Yoo Hyun.

Yoochun joined the group JYJ along with Junsu and Jaejoong after TVXQ split. 

(More Info)

-Most sensitive member of the group

-Has a matching tattoo (TVXQmate) with Jae Joong

-Wants a daughter

-Sleeps with a walkman


-Likes straight haired women

-Wants his ideal girl to love him for whom he is.

-Extremely close to his younger brother, Yoo Hwan

-First kiss in middle school

-His hobbies include writing and composing music and playing basketball

-He won an award in the 2001 American Singing Competition (Virginia) Best Artist of the Competition

-He won an award in 2003 KBN Teens Singing Competition Special Award

-In elementary school he represented the state’s taekwondo team and performed with them on ‘Children’s day”

-He gave up his US citizenship to focus on performing (that’s dedication)

Xiah Junsu

Stage Name : XIAH | Xiah Jun Su (시아준수 or 細亞俊秀) / Junsu (ジュンス Junsu)
Real Name: Kim Jun Su (김준수, 金俊秀)
Birthdate: December 15, 1986 (1986-12-15) (age 25) (registered on January 1, 1987)Korean age: 26
Birthplace: Gyeonggi (경기 or 京畿道)
Position: Baritone; Middle-High Vocal

Religion: Christian
Blood Type: B

Junsu was the first member to join TVXQ. When he was still a young boy, he enjoyed and loved singing in church. He won first place in a televised talent search by SM. Before debuting with TVXQ he trained at SM Academy for 6 years. He was actually scheduled to debut with another group earlier but he had vocal problems and was unable to. His stage name, Xiah, he chose for himself. Pronounced like “shee-a” , it’s short for the Korean word for Asia, which is pronounced “a-shee-a”. He chose that name because he wanted to become a star all throughout the continent.

The group had labeled him as an innocent and bright boy. But while on stage he changes and performs with great charisma! Junsu is very empathetic and thinks a lot about other people’s feelings. One of his dreams is to have his writing published as a book. A motivation of his in his singing career comes from his mother who had an unachieved dream of becoming a star herself.

Aside from the group’s mini drama Vacation, Junsu hasn’t acted in much else. He did have a cameo in the 2O11 drama Scent Of A Woman where he even performed on a stage and sang his song “You Are So Beautiful” which was a theme song for the drama. But while he hasn’t acted in many dramas, he has done quite a few musicals and is still doing them. 

After TVXQ split, Junsu joined JYJ along with Yoochun and Jaejoong.

(More Info)

– Has a twin named JunHo

– Ambidextrous

– Wants 2 sons and 1 daughter

– Wakes everyone up in the morning with his video games

– Thinks that dating and marrying the girl goes hand in hand

– If he wasn’t a singer, he would have been a soccer player

– Considered the shyest member of the group

– Likes a girl who’s very outgoing, upbeat, active and likes sports

– Never been kissed (22) (The info I found is a couple years old (3 years old) so it’s no longer accurate. I’m keeping this here because it goes with the other info I found for the other members. He had a kissing scene in a musical he was in)

– Wants a positive girl

-Likes to play the piano and play soccer

-wrote the lyrics for the song “노을..바라보다 (Picture of You)” from the fourth Korean album, ‘MIROTIC’.

Max Changmin

Stage Name : MAX | Choi Kang Chang Min (최강창민 or 最强昌珉) / Changmin (チャンミン Chanmin)
Real Name: Shim Chang Min (심창민, 沈昌珉)
Birthdate: February 18, 1988 (1988-02-18) (age 20) Korean age: 21
Birthplace: Seoul (서울)
Position: Tenor
Religion: Buddhism
Blood Type: B

Changmin is the youngest member of TVXQ. He was also the 4th member to join the group. Like the others, he secured his spot by winning first place in a contest. The judges were wowed by his powerful voice. Prior to his debut, he trained at SM Academy for 2 years. At the time he had been training to be a solo artist. His stage name is Choikang Changmin. In Korean “Choikang” means “the best” which is why his English counter part is Max, short for Maximum.

Changmin graduated from Gaepo High School in 2OO6. In 2OO9 he was enrolled as a student of Kyung Hee University and was majoring in postmodern music. As of 2O11, though, he started attending KonKuk University for his second degree.

Although he’s the youngest of the group, he’s the most modest and has the deepest thoughts. He can be honest and blunt about things he strongly believes should not be done. He had followed his friend to an SM contest and luckily won the Best Singer award. 

Changmin has acted in one drama so far, although he has also had a few cameo roles. The drama he’s known for is Paradise Ranch (2O11) where he played the main male lead, Han Dong Joo.

(More Info)

-Considered the biggest eater of the group

-Very honest

-Has two younger sisters

-Likes Harry Potter (love that series 😀)

-Made a New Year’s resolution to eat more delicious food

-Likes a girl who is hard-working and tries her best at everything

-Likes girls with pretty eyes

-Wants a girly girl to cling to him because he’s shy and quiet

-Never been kissed (2O) (Again, same as with Junsu, this is older info – he had kissing scenes in the drama Paradise Ranch so this is no longer true as well)

-His parents are teachers

To read more about DBSK & JYJ check out JADEEYES’ posts: The Rising Gods Of The East


We both worked on this post! 

DBSK was the second Kpop group I started listening to.  I discovered them while looking for videos of H.O.T.  I came across a video of them doing a cover of I-Yah and thought it was very impressive. So I looked them up and came across the music video for Mirotic.  I fell in love.  All of their songs were amazing. My favorite member is Micky Yoochun. As I looked up more info about them, that’s when I discovered the whole contract dispute.  I’m not gonna go into details about it. I was pretty bummed, but it wasn’t long before I found out that both TVXQ and JYJ were going to still be making music, just not together as DBSK.  And they both are doing wonderful jobs!  When I heard Ayy Girl, I thought it was good. It didn’t blow me away but I obviously liked it enough to go buy the CD. (one of my first Kpop Cds ever!)  I was a bit worried when I heard the title of TVXQ’s song, Keep Your Head Down.  Just hearing the name of the song, I was thinking ,” What kind of message is that sending?”  When I hear the words keep your head down, I think of not being able to speak your mind and letting people walk over you.  THANKFULLY, that was not the case with this song.  I looked up the lyrics and listened to the song and breathed a sigh of relief.  It’s an awesome song!  Both groups are producing great music. Each song that I hear from them is better than the last.  I can’t wait to hear more. 😀

DBSK was the very first Kpop group I ever started listening to. I remember stumbling across some of their Japanese songs when I still listened to only Jpop (as I didn’t know much about Kpop at all). That was 5 years ago! I remember I liked their music but then when I stopped listening to asian stuff for a while I forgot which songs I liked haha. When I got back into it, I started listening to Kpop more and rediscovered them! As I listen to their music I fall more and more in love with it! Their Rising Sun album is my favorite! I love every song on it! My favorite member is Jaejoong. Although he is probably the most known out of the group, I started being able to recognize him first, and I’ve seen more with him and he just started becoming my favorite on his own :p But I like the other members as well (: Doing this post I learned more about them and it makes me like them even more! After I started re-listening to them I found out about their break-up and it made me sad to see such a good group having to break up over contract issues :/ But I am happy to see they overcame that by continuing on in the music world as two groups! I’m in love with JYJ’s newest songs, “Get Out” and “In Heaven” – I can’t stop listening to them! I haven’t listened to as much from TVXQ’s newer music, I thought “Keep Your Head Down” was alright but it didn’t catch me as much as JYJ’s newest songs did. However, I am happy to see them doing well (: I hope that someday they can do something together again as a 5 man group, but until then I’ll continue to be fans of both groups and follow their new music (:


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  1. haha Wow that was pretty off-topic, and random. Sorry lol

  2. Lots of Aquarius in the group LOL… Im on my zodiac mood today :p
    I don’t know much about them, reading this post was fun. I wont say that is good that JJ got pulled over and such, but reading that made me think of how much they are like everyone else. I mean, Im sorry he got in trouble, but it happens to a lot of people… we tend to think of celebrities as GODS or someone who is of higher power, and then we read things that are bad and good, but common, and there it is… they are just like anyone else. I hope he doesnt drink and drive again though… >:
    I can’t believe someone could be so cruel as to put crazy glue on a drink for anyone… I hope they caught the person.
    As always, great post girls 🙂

    • Haha there is :p

      And you’re right about that, we like to think celebrities are above normal people but they’re really just like everyone else. And I hope he doesn’t drink and drive again either!

      And the person turned themselves in (I looked it up: poor guy!

      And thanks for commenting! 😀

      • Right, because its not something “bad” that happened, but is something unthinkable and very evil. He could have died, and don’t hate me if I say that was the anti fan intention. Like how Lennon got killed… people are crazy out there, and celebrities are not off the hit list.

        • Yes, well I’ve heard that Kpop fans, well Asian music fans in general can be over the top sometimes. That’s not to say that American fans don’t get crazy too. It’s just you hear more about crazy things happening like this in Asia. Especially when it comes to anti-fans. I had never heard of this concept until I got into Kpop. We tend to just say we’re not a fan. We don’t go so far as to say we’re anti-fans and make anti-fan clubs lol But there’s more than just the anti-fans. There’s another type of fan too. They are called sasaeng fans. And basically, they are bat s*** crazy. They stalk the celebrities, even going so far as to follow them to their homes. I read one article about a sasaeng fan breaking into a celebrity’s apartment while he was in the shower. It’s insane. Yoochun once wrote on his twitter asking sasaeng fans to stop.

          • Poor Yoochun 😦
            Brad Pitt had that happen to him, some crazy lady broke into his house and slept on his bed LOL

            • Hahaha Yeah, some Western celebrities have it rough too. Like the actress who played the older sister in the Poltergeist movies? A crazy obsessed fan killed her.

              But that’s part of the theory that the movies were cursed. The bodies they dig up in the first movie were real life dead bodies, so people say that this is why the movies were cursed. The actress that played the little blonde girl died of pneumonia during the filming of the second or third movie. lol Pretty creepy how all these bad things happened during the filming and to the cast.

              • Wow really??? That’s horrible. Now I wanna know more, since I love all creepy stuff. I have never seen the Poltergeist movies.

                • Haha Same here, I’m a horror fan. lol And I have yet to see the other movies, but the first was really good. A classic that never gets old in my opinion. One of the most memorable quotes in a horror movie (for me at least) “Theeeeeeeeeey’re heeeeeere!” That and the quotes from Romero’s Night of the Living Dead are always being repeated by my friends and I. lol

                  • Hahaha from TVXQ to fans to Poltergeist xD
                    The first movie was good – the second one was okay but the special effects = not great. The third one wasn’t good at all and plus the original little girl in the movies died (sadly) so she was replaced by another little girl and the story was also a little off the wall. The only one I really liked was the first one and the second one wasn’t bad.

                    And yeah that is creepy that the movies were kind of cursed haha. I just watched the movies the other day with my mom. I didn’t know that they actually used real life dead bodies in that movie – that’s creepy!

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