The Characters from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (:

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Main Cast:

Oomasa Aya as Nakahara Sunako

After a traumatic experience of being rejected by her first love, Sunako locked herself away and chose to live without any desire for light or beauty. She loves gory movies, anatomical dolls and objects, such as skulls, that reflect the “ugly” side of life. She lives in solitude and her interests resulted in her distorted view of reality and being alone has contributed to her low self-esteem.

Kamenashi Kazuya as Kyouhei Takano

Out of the four guys, Kyouhei’s the most popular and physically attractive. He comes off as a selfish, blunt, demanding and harsh towards Sunako in the beginning. Kyouhei has a history of bad luck because of his good looks: he’s unable to hold down a job for too long because he’s prone to be sexually harassed; his family was also unable to take the strain and stress of his fans constantly harassing and coming to their house. So he left to be on his own.

Hiroki Uchi as Takenaga Oda

The voice of reason amongst the four. He’s hardly fazed by Sunako’s morbid habits. Takenaga comes from a wealthy family of ikebana masters (flower arrangements). Because of the extreme pressure to become his family’s heir, Takenaga is emotionally reserved and is too shy to convey his feelings towards his girlfriend, Noi. Later on he becomes more social and open about himself.

Yuya Tegoshi as Yukinojo “Yuki” Toyama

The most innocent and easily frightened out of the four. He’s a gentle and kind boy who is devoted to his friends. He comes from an ordinary family and boards with the Landlady who happens to be a friend of his mother’s. Yuki’s developed self-esteem issues due to the fact that he’s often reluctantly forced to dress like a girl because of his features.

Shuntaro Miyao as Ranmaru Morii

Ranmaru’s the most active in the goal in turning Sunako into an ideal lately. He’s known as a notorious playboy who has a love for older women. He’s the son of a wealthy family of hotel chain owners and is extroverted and confident. Ranmaru has a good heart and cares for his friends.

Ranko Kobe as Naie “Noi” Kasahara

Noi is probably the most beautiful girl at her school. Hoping to become closer with Takenaga, she becomes friends with Sunako. She genuinely values the friendship she has with Sunako, though, and admires her abilities. Noi loves Takenaga unconditionally, but because he’s too shy to make his feelings towards her more clear she often questions the nature of their relationship.

Kato Seishiro as Nakahara Takeru

The landlady’s son and also Sunako’s cousin. He’s unlike most children his age and displays a courageous personality. [This was a character they added in the drama (was not in the original manga)]

My favorite character was Sunako.  Sunako cracked me up so much. I loved how obsessed she was with horror related stuff. I am a fan of the horror genre, and her antics cracked me up. The whole part about her being scared of “people of the light” was funny. And her friends, the skeleton and anatomy models. XD In the manga, her facial expressions and the things she would say or do would have me laughing so hard that people would give me funny looks. I remember there was one part towards the beginning of the series when they were training her to be a proper lady. They told her to smile………and that evil smirk on her face had me howling. LMAO!  –sleepninja

Out of all the characters in this drama Kyohei was the one that stood out the most to me. Maybe because Kame-kun was most of my reason for starting this drama. Maybe it sounds like I’m being biased here but I’m not, Kame really pulled off the character well and out of everyone else who starred in the drama his performance was the most moving. I liked all of the cast, but Kyohei was definitely my favorite character. –crazy4you

My favorite character from this story was Kyohei, I thought Sunako at first while reading the manga, but later became more attracted to Kyohei. I feel drawn to men that are tough, not phisicaly, but mentally… Kyohei is that guy for Sunako, she is very un-confident and Kyohei is the one to support her. They complement each other so well, I wouldn’t see her with anyone else. He is her stronghold! Because Kyohei, even when he is handsome and has all the grounds to be arrogant and shallow, yet is not; he was able to see past Sunako’s exterior and inside her. Part of it, because he could feel connected to a side of her, as he had his own demons to battle with. –JADEEYES

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  1. yamato nadeshiko natutunaw aqo!

  2. ang cute nilang lahat mukhang matutunaw ako

  3. what are they’re blood types?because in other anime/manga like that they have they’re own blood types…and that’s why they have blood types because on what types of blood they have that is what reflects to their character..:D

    • Hmmm I’m not sure what their blood types are. But I will check and get back to you when I find out. 😀

  4. Yay! the characters!!… I love this story because its so different from others, yet is the same thing hahaha…if that makes sense! The kiss scene was my favorite 🙂

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